Flying with toddlers – preps

I am dreading my flight home next week. Partly because it means leaving my paradise adventure and partly because it’s a 16 hour journey including two flights with just Arthur.

He is a stereotypical toddler boy….he loves running, climbing, pressing buttons, opening everything. He doesn’t like sitting still, being constrained, being told no and not being able to explore.

 When I travelled over he was 10 months and he was amazing, as you can see in the picture. So maybe just maybe I’m worrying about nothing (fingers crossed). But I’m putting some plans in place to try and help make it as smooth as possible, I will write a follow up post to let you know how it goes and would I have done differently.

My travel preps:
1. New toy. A toy where he can screw parts together. He loves putting bottle tops on so hoping he will like this

2. Hidden some toys and his favourite book (giraffes can’t dance) so hopefully they’ll amuse him again. And a bag for the toys so he can put them in and take them out again

3. Selection of snacks…lots of different types! I find that food can sometimes be a good distraction and empty drink bottles to fill up past security

4. Charged iPad and phone. I have a couple of sensory type apps although he just likes pressing the home button and swiping the screen

5. Blankets in case he gets cold

6. Changes of clothes and nappies. Can waste 10 minutes changing an outfit in a different area

7. My trusty sling to walk him up and down if necessary

8. Keep him awake and active in airports, maybe use the play area in Dubai so he will hopefully be tired and sleep on the plane

9. Feeding shawl so I can keep him on the boob and try to be a little discrete!

10. Keep my sense of humour!!!!!


I am really very nervous about the flight. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

Swim nappies

I was going to include swimming nappies in a post I’m writing about reuseable nappies, but I decided they were worthy of their own post. Even if reuseable nappies aren’t your thing, please don’t write off the swim ones!! 

We love taking Arthur swimming. He started weekly swimming lessons at 4 weeks old plus we would try to take him so Mr B could have time with him in the water. Then for the last 6 months we’ve been lucky enough to go swimming most days. 

When we started we went for the obvious and easy option of little swimmers, but at £5.95 for 12 they’re not cheap. I would hunt out offers which helped but still not ideal. 

When we got the opportunity to live abroad for 6 months I had to seriously look at different options. I couldn’t take lots of nappies with me due to weight and space issues. I did also want to limit our environmental footprint and not add to the Seychelles waste issue. 

After doing some research I decided on tots bots swim nappies for £9.95 (I got ours from fill your pants) I got two and they have seen me through the trip and will continued to be used at home. 

The reasons I chose/love them:
1. Slimline, fit under uv suits and wetsuits

2. Comfortable

3. Excellent containment (thoroughly tested)!

4. Go on/off like a nappy, no-one wants poopy legs if having to pull them down! 

5. Wash really well at 30/40 degrees. 

From a money saving point alone these are fabulous but if you are going on holiday they save space/weight over disposables. Plus, they are of course a much more environmentally friendly option and are an easy step to make. 

Would you consider reuseable swim nappies? Or do you use them and agree with my thoughts? 

Please note: this is not a sponsored post, I paid for the nappies and wanted to share my experience with them. There are a number of different products in the market. 

Two Tiny Hands

Dear sleep…again 

Dear sleep
I recently wrote you a very nice letter to say please come back and have a relationship with me again. You completely ignored it….the link is here in case you need a reminder. 

I’m now writing to say screw you! Get over the fact that there is a new person in our relationship, it’s been 15 months and quite frankly you’re kicking the arse out of your bad mood. 

Yes I know you’ve introduced naps but I don’t want a quicky I want long relaxing sessions with you. 20 minutes just isn’t enough to satisfy me now. 

You know we would all be happier if you stopped turning your back. I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll be back in our own house in a few weeks time. I’ll be pissed off and in real need of comfort. How about we come to an arrangement and set up a new routine?

Stop playing games sleep…..I want you but I’m unfortunately working out ways to not need you 

Sara xx

Hot Pink Wellingtons

Being sick with a toddler!

Being ill is rubbish, being ill with a needy toddler (or probably any child) is super rubbish.

Gone are the days of staying in bed and sticking two fingers up to the world around you, only getting up for chicken soup, a hot toddy and more tissues. Replaced instead with a toddler kicking his feet against you pounding head wanting attention.

I wanted to just curl up and feel sorry for myself, he wanted to read giraffes can’t dance and play cars.

I wanted to watch crap tv under the duvet, he wanted to watch Doc McStuffin and jump on the duvet (and me)

I wanted to drink hot tea and eat naughty food, he wanted to drink my hot tea and naughty food.

But, he also gave me lovely hugs, big open mouth kisses and stroked my head.

I wanted to give advice on surviving sickness with a healthy bouncy toddler but I don’t think there is any! Just get through it any way you can…..for me I had to give up everything non essential including, writing the blog, housework and dealing with admin. In fact, I do have one piece of advice, if sickness gets worse it’s not going away. Go to the doctors! I went to the doctors, a couple of days too late and I had a chest infection and quite developed mastitis where I couldn’t lift my right arm without a lot of pain. The antibiotics took effect so quickly, I just wish I hadn’t been so stubborn and had gone sooner.

I felt like a terrible mum at times, but mum guilt is something we get over so many things! Being ill wasn’t a choice and I had to keep reminding myself of that. I did hate that I had such a low tolerance level but I’m sure he won’t hold it against me.

Now it’s onwards and upwards to enjoy the next few weeks in paradise before we are back in good old Blighty.